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George Bush Humor > Downloads

Added Feb-13-2006
Drunk President Bush - A 'slowed up' and slurry-sounding President Bush video speech; from a CBS TV show.

Added Jan-31-2006
President Bush At His Best - A video collection of President George W. Bush at his hilarious best, with Bushisms and sound bytes to keep you laughing for hours.

Added Oct-27-2004
The hilarious George Bush 'Mix Tape' (MP3) - Listen as President Bush seemingly bewilders even himself and stutters and "ahhmmms" his way through a mix of speeches and debates.

Added Mar-28-2004
George Bush & The Parachute (Microsoft PowerPoint Slide Show) - President Bush & others are on a plane that's about to crash ... he grabs a parachute ... or so he thinks!


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